Discover the Email Templates for Black Friday 2019 (and Cyber ​​Monday)

Black Friday 2019 is getting closer, and for ecommerce users that’s a golden opportunity to boost online sales.

About 70% of adults in the US buy online during the weekend between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. In UK, one in six people “definitely” plan to make a purchase during Black Friday, with many more “very likely” to grab a bargain.

Most of those sales have tended to go to the big ecommerce brands like Amazon, which were the first to ride the wave. But we want everyone to benefit from this opportunity by making the most of their high quality email marketing. That’s why our eMailChef designers have created a number of beautiful email templates for Black Friday 2019. They’re brand new and ready to be personalized and sent to your audience with just a few clicks.

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

  • Template per email di halloween

Come and try them now! You can find all the Black Friday templates (and others) in the templates gallery in your eMailChef account.

The Doorway to Christmas Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are more than just sales days. In fact, people often use them to save on Christmas shopping. A little early planning can bring some big rewards—for both shoppers and sellers.

Start communicating with potential customers by sending a newsletter with your “hot” offers. It’s up to you to guide your shopper directly towards the purchase.

The unique design of these emails mean that they will be clearly distinguishable from the messages you usually send. And you can also send more than one during the period approaching Black Friday. As we’ll see, different emails can show different products or offer different calls to action.

An Example of Email Strategy for Black Friday 2019

Whether you’re selling services or physical products, your goal is to create strong expectations for November 29th and, if your market covers technology, for Cyber ​​Monday on December 2nd too.

One good idea is to lead the audience through a series of emails that generate anticipation while highlighting promotions that are subject to deadlines.

1 – Teaser email

Send the first message two weeks before Black Friday 2019. Show your most attractive products or offer a countdown with days, hours, and minutes before the start of the sale.

Above all put your brand on display. The main message is that you are participating in Black Friday. You store has some great offers for your audience. They just have to wait a little longer to grab them.

2 – Email for Black Friday

November 29th will be a big day. Competition will be intense so you must bring attention to your brand.

Send an email reminding your audience that your offers will be valid for just a few hours. They must decide whether to take advantage of your offer—now or never.

3 – “Sold Out!” Emails

If your offer sells out, don’t hesitate to let your customers know.

Don’t skimp on the details. Show there’s demand. Tell your customers that they need to move quickly, and be clear about which products or services are still on offer, and how long the promotion remains valid.

Extra advice

  • We will never tire of reiterating it: customizing the subject of emails with the placeholder is vital for improving your opening rate;
  • Be creative! Like Christmas and Halloween, these are the periods in which brands need to stand out and boost their uniqueness. Use an appropriate mixture of images, style, and tone;
  • Your goal is to grab the reader’s attention with one click. Make sure that the message is always responsive on main devices and email clients. Thanks to our experienced developers, with eMailChef this will not be a problem;
  • Who clicked your calls to action? Who bought the products? All of this valuable information will enable you to take follow-up actions and sell even more. Organize your contacts into segments based on your data analysis;
  • Use your channels on social networks to amplify messages. The images you’re going to pu in the newsletter will work on Facebook too.

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