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  • The simplest recipe to cook amazing newsletters


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  • home-waiter

    Welcome and manage your guests

    With eMailChef you can import, segment and organize unlimited lists of subscribers. Building a permission-based database has never been that easy.

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  • home-cake

    Compose yummy newsletters

    Loads of ready-made templates and a powerful drag and drop email editor: eMailChef helps you create impeccable, tailor-made newsletters.

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  • home-menu

    The right emails to the right people

    eMailChef ensures the highest email delivery rates, avoiding antispam shields and ISP filters. Any newsletter campaigns will be sent in the shortest time.

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  • home-soup

    Taste the results of your mailings

    eMailChef provides real time and accurate statistics to let you understand how your email campaigns have performed – and how to improve them.

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Email marketing is the main course of digital communication

  • eMailChef is the easiest-to-use email marketing platform that you can find. It provides a complete set of tools and a clean, intuitive interface to spice up your newsletters campaign — and have happy, satisfied customers. Sign in to the eMailChef dashboard now and try it for free!

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    • Ready for GDPR!

      Protecting our users’ privacy is a priority for us, that’s why we take the utmost measures and the best practices for data protection.

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