3 tips to improve the text of your email campaigns

Here are 3 simple tips for writing effective and converting emails!

Have your efforts in the email marketing world been repaid? eMailChef Academy is here to help you achieve your goals, here are 3 simple tips to improve the text for your emails.

With our tips you can create compelling, original and engaging communications.

Let’s get started, how not to make beginner mistakes!

1 – Write an object that is relevant and catches your attention

According to an important email marketing study, an average user receives about 100 emails every day, this means that we are constantly bombarded with messages (and luckily some end up in SPAM!).

The competition you have to face might seem tough, but you do not have to worry: with a well-written object, you’ll get a higher opening rate for your email campaigns.

The object is the first element that the reader notices in your emails, the one for which he/she will decide whether to open them or not, so you have to avoid being vague or using generic tones: nobody gives any importance to overused phrases.

Always ask yourself what does the recipient want to read? What would convince them to open an email?

Here’s an example of an effective object: “Increase your conversions with segmentation”. Very easy and very profitable!

Why does it work? First of all it is specific, and therefore it stands out from the masses, defining what the content of the email is; secondly because the text is written to attract a specific type of user: the use of the words “increase your conversions”, which are part of the terminology used in email marketing, making it immediately clear to those involved in email marketing, which topic is the focus of this email, it also offers a solution to what could be a problem for some users.

Try to think, what would happen in the opposite case: would you open an email that has a generic phrase like “Tool for email marketing”, or “Improve your email marketing”? Probably not, maybe you would delete it or you wouldn’t even notice it.

2 – Always remember to greet at the beginning and show appreciation at the end

Successful emails can erase doubt a recipient might have and can create a bond with the reader. How to do? Start with a simple greeting!

Of course, there are many types of greetings, but its best to be specific and mention the reader’s name. Luckily for you, eMailChef allows you to create email campaigns that send a personalized greeting to each of your recipients, thanks to the help of custom fields.

If your recipient is called Marco, for example, it will be easier to get in touch with him by saying “Hello Marco”, compared to a trivial “Good morning”. Users highly appreciate these types of messages.

Finally, remember to always conclude with an appreciative message: even in this case you can use custom fields.

Do not limit yourself to just saying “thank you”, always try to explain why you are thanking the reader, in order to connect more with the recipient try a more effective message: “Thank you for your attention”, “Thank you for reading this email” , “We thank you for your time”, etc.

Also in this case there is a vast difference between a trivial “thank you” or an appreciative “thank you, your opinion is very important to us”: the second message communicates an appreciation for an action or a quality from the reader, a ploy which allows you to empathize more with the recipient.

3 – You should never write really long emails

What is the biggest enemy of attention? Boredom! In the field of email marketing what produces the most Boredom? Really looooooooooooooonnngg emails.

Focus on the first 3 sentences: here is the key to catching the attention of the recipient! Try to be brief, simple, and direct in saying in saying what the purpose of your email is. Long winded phrases are your enemies!

Of course, you can write more than three lines, for example if you want to advertise an offer and you have to specify the conditions to join, but it is still true in this case: you don’t want to go over the first 3 sentences, or you run the risk of adding too much! Use only words you really need and avoid repetitive expressions.

Summing up

Just a few small steps to improve the text for your email campaigns:

  • a non-trivial object,
  • greet and thank the reader,
  • short and direct texts.

Words are your main weapon to get conversions, never forget it!


Do you know other ways to improve your emails? Share them in the comments!

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